Engineers cannot manage what they cannot measure. Test equipment, including systems for in-process control and automated quality assurance, provides the measurements that managers, engineers, and operators need to optimize a specific process or piece of equipment. This process of monitoring operation, testing products, and using the resulting data to improve efficiencies is generally referred to as statistical process control (SPC). And it is statistical process control that empowers manufacturers to make better-quality products at the lowest possible price.

Test Systems for Process Industries

Edgewater Automation’s client base crosses all industrial sectors, including process and discrete manufacturing, as well as industrial services. As a result, we’ve acquired extensive test system expertise and capability for many industries, including in-process variation test systems, end-of-line (EOL) assembly verification, defect analysis and automated quality assurance systems, such as off-line coordinate measurement machines (CMM), and in-line machine vision systems. Additional industry test processes include pressure decay leak tests, flow analysis, vacuum testing, and mass spectrometry, to name few.

  • Pressure decay leak tests involve measuring the drop in pressure inside a part, chamber, or piece of equipment. The test begins with the injection of air into the test part until it reaches the target pressure. The air source is then turned off, and the part or container is isolated so that the loss of pressure (decay) can be measured over a given period of time. In some cases, a “golden part” is used as a baseline, and subsequent products are checked against this baseline in a process called differential pressure decay leak testing.