Automated Assembly Design for Manufacturing

Our process starts with the part or the specification — essentially, a general description of the desired end result. We begin to develop the automated assembly system solution by reviewing the product specification and tolerances. Next, Edgewater engineers conduct a full site review and discover, define, and quantify the facility, process, and environmental conditions that could affect the automated assembly solution. 

With a firm grasp on the production goal and the environmental conditions, Edgewater proceeds with an initial automated assembly solution design, leveraging our decades of expertise and extensive ecosystem of automation equipment and component suppliers to find the best, most cost-effective automated assembly solution for our client’s needs. We then work with the client to refine the assembly solution design before moving into feasibility testing and system development at one of our production facilities. Finally, once the system is fully constructed and performance is confirmed at our site, we bring the solution to the customer’s facility. After installation and equipment testing, we make sure client engineers, operators, technicians, and maintenance personnel have the training, documentation, and knowledge they need to keep the system in tip-top operational condition.

Assembly Automation Specialists

Edgewater Automation offers engineering, design, development, testing, and installation of all common assembly technologies and processes, including assembly classification, torquing, welding, and pressing.

Assembly Classification

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